Manage Group Members (Class Students)

Kostas Karolemeas -

Once we have our group created we can add/remove members anytime by clicking on the group box:

When the group's page appears then click on the "MANAGE MEMBERS" button:

You should now see the members' table:

Here you specify the name, username and password for each student. You may use the first name and the first letter of the student's last name for anonymity(e.g. Maria G.).

Use the "ADD ROW" button for adding a new student and the trash can button to remove the student in the respective row.

Alternatively you may upload this information using a CSV file by clicking on the "UPLOAD CSV" button on the upper right corner.

The page that opens contains information on the contents of the file including a sample:

Exporting a Google Sheet to CSV is as simple as selecting the menu item shown in the following screenshot: 

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