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Login without email

For younger kids that do not have their own email accounts, you provide their credentials (username and password) during the creation of their group (class). Then students have two options:

1. Use the special group web address.

In this case use the address provided in the page shown when you click on the groups box. The address is in the edit on the right of the "MANAGE MEMBERS" button:

If you click on the button next to the address, it will be copied to the clipboard so that you can paste it e.g. in the page of the class in schools website.

When students navigate to that address they will be presented with this login box:

where student need just to choose their name and type in the password that was set in the member management page of the group.

2. Type in their credentials inside Run Marco!

In this case students navigate to and click on the "avatar" next to the big play button:

Then they need to provide the join code that was given in the group detail form (that code can be changed any time), their username and their password:


Login with email

Students can signup using and login using The first time they need to join the group clicking on their name on the upper right corner and then selecting "Join Group" from the dropped down menu:

Then they should provide the group's join code in the box that pops up:

After that all they need to do is navigate to

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