Create a Group (Classroom)

Kostas Karolemeas -

In Allcancode you can organize users in groups. In a school a group can be a classroom or a teams of students.

For younger students that do not have their own email account, groups offer an easy way to identify themselves or login to the system.

The benefit of having students login is that the system keeps their progress so that they can continue where they left anytime and on any device. Additionally the owners of the group have access to a dashboard presenting the progress of all group members.

A group can be created in by:

  1. pressing the "NEW GROUP" button

  2. and then filling in the following form:


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    Kurtuluş Toptaş

    How can we change the class name after create it?

    I couldn't do it. I created my classes last year. Than i want to add new classes and change name olds. 

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